Friday, February 26, 2010

Home at Last!!!

A quick and joyous note to let you know we arrived home safely to Cincinnati this afternoon, February 26th. Our flights all went well as we made our connection through Paris and onto Cincinnati with no problems. While the Kiev and Paris officials were not exactly friendly we did get approval and when we got to Cincinnati the immigration folks were down right warm and kind!!!

The girls were great travelers and were so excited to see their new home. It was especially beautiful thanks to my special Wyoming friends who really spiffed it up. We arrived to balloons, gorgeous flowers, home-made cookies, a hand-painted 6ft x 6ft banner hanging from the garage door, personalized gifts for the girls, a fridge full of fresh food for several dinners and a super clean house!!! What a joy and we so appreciated the welcome.

The girls are sound asleep and we are signing off with the same intentions!!! Love, to all and thanks for your prayers as they got us home!!!!


  1. We are thrilled We are reading this after attending a symphony in SF. We are so happy to see you all in front of that Hilltop Lane!!!!!Love, Mom and Dad sends his congrats, also.

  2. Welcome home Lentz family! What a journey you have made. Enjoy the love of friends as you all get settled into this wonderful life together. Wish we were closer! Come visit anytime! :)

  3. congratulations and welcome home. As soon as you are ready, we would love to meet the girls. Elona is so anxious to talk to the girls. If you need any interpratation please call, Elona would love to help.

  4. Home Sweet Home! Nothing quite like it! What a wonderful family you make! Spring is almost in the air and life is good!

    We can't wait to see you and meet your girls!
    Enjoy these first days home!

    Pam,Len and Angella

  5. Welcome home - what a journey! I tracked your flight from Paris on the internet and was thrilled when it reported "flight complete: 1:50 PM". It looks like you made it to the house in daylight. It's fantastic that your friends welcomed you home with a banner and such generous and helpful acts. Love, Uncle Craig.

  6. I have chills! I am so excited. The joy and love in your smiles is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
    Love to you all and WELCOME HOME!

  7. I am so happy to see you standing in front of your house! I hope you are getting some much needed rest and down time.

  8. Oh this is WONDERFUL! I cannot think of a better happy ending to this journey which is now really a BEGINNING! REST, REST, REST and enjoy these first days together as a family in your home. Abundant Blessings! love, beth

  9. Wow! Sounds like you have been welcome home by loving and excited friends! What a joyous celebration you must be having to be home together with your girls. We loved reading about your journey and feeling apart of it all even though we are far away. I think your experiences (and your great writing skills) would go well together to make a great children's book. It is a story filled with love, adventure, cultural experiences, friendship, support, patience, anxiety but best of all...a happy ending. It would be a nice keepsake for your girls at the very least. love to you all, Karen

  10. You did it!!! I'm thrilled for all of you! The four of you look so very happy, as you should be. Of course, we can't wait to see you, but we will try to be patient! Enjoy your beautiful family. With much love,


  11. Jonathan and I belatedly add our joyous welcome home wishes to those of all your other blog-watchers. What an amazing adventure you have been through and now you are beginning the most wonderful adventure of all...parenthood. Jonathan and I spent today watching old home movies and ended up in tears because time moves so quickly. We hope you enjoy every day of your girls' childhood...the challenging days as well as the good ones. Congratulations and love to you all.

  12. I'm so very happy for you and David and your girls--how very lucky you all are!


  13. Congratulations and welcome home to the US! What beautiful family pictures and what a wonderful welcome inside your house. I hope you are all settling in well. Looking forward to more updates as you create your new life together.

    Much love,